Top Smart Thermostat Upgrades

Top Smart Thermostat Upgrades

Technology today means everything needs to be smart and capable of linking all of your devices together. Now everything from kitchen appliances, light bulbs, and your thermostat can all be connected to phones and computers with apps to control them on the go. Thermostats make adjusting the temperature of your home easy.

Here are three thermostats to consider for making your home more efficient and smarter.

Nest thermostats have been the top pick for smart thermostats for years. They integrate smart learning with temperature controls so overtime you never have to adjust the temperature yourself. The Nest Learning Thermostat will gradually take all of the temperature adjustments you make and turn it into a schedule that it uses to adjust the temperature on its own. Nest also comes with an app that shows exactly how much energy you are using and how much money you are saving.

EcoBee3 is considered the best thermostat for large homes. It works to regulate the temperature so it is even across the entire house. This thermostat has to be programmed in order to adjust the temperature to your liking. The EcoBee3 comes with remote sensors to detect whether you are in the house or not to change the temperature schedule accordingly.

Emerson’s Sensi is a great option for people who want to upgrade their thermostat tech without spending a huge chunk of money. Sensi does not have much smart technology but it will allow you to create programs easily and you can change the temperature remotely. The app used with the Sensi can be used to create and update schedules, change the display of the wall thermostat, and check detailed settings of your HVAC system.

Smart thermostats are a great way to upgrade your home efficiency level. If you would like more information on how to save on energy through your home’s heating and cooling systems, call All Temperature Air today (951) 425-4084.


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