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Keeping your heating unit properly maintained will reduce the risk of expensive complications in the future. Maintenance will also ensure your heating system is running efficiently, saving you money on your utility bills. It is recommended to have a licensed professional inspect and maintain heating and cooling equipment. A heating technician will be able to notice any signs of future problems that others may not. For ideas on how to maximize your home's efficiency, we provide a variety of services to save you energy and keep electricity bills low.

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Do Heaters Need Annual Maintenance?

When it comes to ensuring a heater lasts the test of time, annual maintenance is a necessity. A heater should be have maintenance performed once a year in the fall. Annual maintenance allows qualified technicians to uncover and address internal issues while they are still minor. Not addressing these problems or catching these problems early could result in major repairs or complete system failure within the heater.

Natural Gas Furnace Maintenance

It is important to have natural gas furnaces inspected on a regular schedule to check up on the integrity of the furnace and gas lines to prevent potential gas leaks. Any equipment that runs on natural gas comes with the risk of producing a leak that will increase the amount of carbon monoxide inside the building. If you suspect there may be a gas leak in your furnace, you can contact our Riverside heating maintenance experts 24/7 to get the issue solved quickly.

Heat Pump Maintenance

An inspection of your heat pump will make sure that the equipment is functioning properly.

Maintenance typically includes an inspection to check the following:

  • Indoor coil, blower, ducts, and filters
  • Refrigerant level
  • Electric terminals
  • Thermostat controls

Once an inspection has been done, refrigerant will be added if necessary, and any leaks will be sealed. The ducts and electric terminals will be cleaned and the filters replaced.

The All Temperature Air Difference

These maintenance practices will go a long way in keeping your heating unit reliable while extending its lifespan. We guarantee exceptional service when it comes to maintaining your heater and air conditioning systems. We offer scheduled maintenance, so the equipment operates continuously and efficiently.

If we find any issues during our routine maintenance inspections, our team is available to take care of any repair needs as well.

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