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Our Riverside heater repair specialists at All Temperature Air are available to service many types of heating equipment to help you keep your house warm and the equipment running efficiently. We work tirelessly to find the reliable and affordable solutions you need to get your heating system running again.

If you need heater repair in Riverside, Colton, or the San Bernardino County area, contact All Temperature Air today by calling (951) 425-4084!

Professional Heating System Repair in Riverside

There are many systems and fuel types available to keep your home warm. Any system that runs on natural gas should be maintained and repaired by a professional heating technician. Working with natural gas lines can be unsafe if proper procedures are not followed. If your heating system needs repair, give us a call at (951) 425-4084 today. Our Riverside heater repair technicians are available 24/7, so if you suspect there is a gas leak in your furnace, contact us now and we will come by to inspect the unit and repair any issues as necessary.

Explore Our Heating Solutions:

  • Furnaces - systems that heat air through coils and send it throughout the house. Depending on your area and budget there are different options for the energy used to operate the heating system. Electricity, natural gas, and propane fuel are all viable energy options for keeping a furnace running.
  • Boilers - heat your home by heating water until it boils and transferring it to radiators throughout your home. These slowly produce heat which in turns warms the rooms. Boilers typically run on fuel such as natural gas.
  • Heat Pumps -use electricity to move both hot and cool air through the system. Heat pumps use valves that allow it to both heat and cool a home. They are popular for being energy efficient.

Heating System Replacement Services in Riverside

Sometimes the damage is just too great that replacing the unit would be more cost effective than attempting to repair equipment that may need to be constantly maintained. Our technicians will help you determine the best solution for your heating system. If replacing the unit is the best option, we will help you find the best replacement for your budget.

Call us today at (951) 425-4084 or contact us online for more information about our heating repair services in Riverside.

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