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Whether you are looking to replace an old unit or install an entirely new system, our Riverside heating installation team at All Temperature Air is here to help. We can guide you through choosing the heating system that will provide you with all the advantages you are looking for in terms of air quality, energy efficiency, and more.

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Advantages of Installing a Furnace

A furnace system works by forcing heated air through ventilation ducts. There are several advantages to consider for people interested in furnace installation.

Furnaces bring the following advantages:

  • Heating Time: Compared with boilers, furnaces work faster to distribute heat throughout the home.
  • Longevity & Affordability: A furnace system can last between 15-30 years. Combing this with a high level of reliability and a furnace becomes a cost-effective option over the long term.
  • Plenty of Options: Because furnaces can be fueled in a variety of ways, they are a great option if you have a specific kind of fuel in mind.
  • Energy Efficiency: Furnaces fueled by natural gas are an excellent way to reduce energy waste. New models continue to push the limits how efficient a furnace can be.

Furnaces Can Be Powered by Different Kinds of Fuel

A furnace is a popular option that allows you to choose the type of fuel source that will power it. The most common source of power is natural gas. You can also purchase a propane furnace or an electric furnace. While electric furnaces are much easier to maintain, they are more costly when it comes to paying the electric bill. Natural gas and propane are cheaper when it comes to energy costs, but it is important to have them maintained to prevent gas leaks.

Boiler Installation & Its Benefits

Boilers warm a home through radiators rather than a ventilation system. They are generally more expensive to install as well as to maintain if parts need to be replaced. But the cost to run a boiler system does tend to be cheaper.

The advantages of a boiler system include:

  • Comfort: Because boilers do not push air through the home, there is no need to be concerned about pathogens and dust getting pushed through the air ducts.
  • Quieter: Boilers are much quieter than furnaces that can be loud as air is pushed through the vents.
  • Even Warmth: Furnaces can create cold spots if air blows inconsistently throughout the home. By relying on radiators, boilers will heat a space more thoroughly.

How Do Boilers Work?

A boiler heating system uses water to heat homes. The water is heated inside the boiler and then sent through the pipelines to radiators placed throughout the building. The radiators will release the heat into rooms while the water returns to the boiler to be re-used. This is a clean form of heating. Boiler systems are using air that is already indoors instead of using air drawn in from outside that could contain dust and allergens. Boilers last around ten years, which makes maintenance from our heating experts even more important to keep the system running efficiently for as long as possible.

Heat Pumps

A heat pump is run off of electricity and not only heats your home but works as a way to cool your home, all using the same equipment. The pump has reversing valves that can switch back and forth between heating and cooling the indoor air.

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