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Maintenance is a necessary task for keeping your air conditioner in good shape and running efficiently. Our team of Riverside AC maintenance technicians can come out and do regular maintenance on your air conditioning and heating units.

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Air Ducts Maintenance

Air ducts can collect debris if there is not any filtration in place. This can block up the airways and diminish the indoor air quality. Depending on the climate, air ducts can end up holding a lot of moisture. This can lead to a buildup of mold and mildew. If this goes unnoticed, mold and bacteria can spread throughout the air system, causing more problems along the way. Mold creates terrible air quality, but it can also cause health problems as well. We recommend having scheduled maintenance to keep an eye on the cleanliness of the ductwork.

Filter Maintenance

You should be certain your filters are inspected and replaced regularly. Filters that are left dirty inside the system will block air flow, causing the cooling equipment to work harder, and decreasing the efficiency and lifespan of the equipment. If you have a HEPA filtration system throughout your home, it is important to replace the filters often to keep the air free of dust and pollen.

Outdoor Unit Maintenance

The outdoor air conditioning unit can get clogged with debris that could cause some irreparable damage if not cleaned out regularly. There are a few key parts of every air conditioner located in the outdoor unit, including the compressor and the condenser coils. It is important to keep these cleaned and free of debris for them to run properly. Without them, the air conditioner cannot produce cool air efficiently, and it could lead to the equipment failing. Our Riverside AC maintenance experts will inspect the motor as well to make sure the electrical connections are clean and not showing any signs of wear and tear.

Contact us today for more information about AC maintenance and our other HVAC services. We have years of experience in heating and cooling services which we use to provide the best solutions for all of our customers.

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